Mobilization video for missions pastors to encourage their churches to become more involved in overseas missions

Do you sense the urgency of Christ's call to unreached people groups? Do you long to see the fulfillment of the Great Commission as found in Matthew 28:18-20?  Is praying for unreached people groups a regular part of your day or your weekly worship services?     

    When the Bible speaks of "reaching the nations with the gospel", the original Greek word used was ethnos which means, people of the same race or nationality who share a distinctive culture. We call these "people groups". 

"Unreached people groups" are those groups within which there are no indigenous Christian believers available to evangelize others.
    The producers of the Waiting World series has now posted the entire series of 36 unreached people group prayer videos for the first time here on-line!  This series of 4-6 minute videos on The Great Commission, The 10/40 Window, the basics of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Animism/Tribalism, as well as 36 various unreached people groups will help you and your church or Bible Study pray more effectively for the lost.  Additionally, a bonus music video featuring Israel Houghton's powerful "We Speak To Nations" is included on Volume Four, and it serves as a great kick-off to the series or for your local missions conference.

    Over 3-billion people on our planet have yet to hear the saving news of Jesus! The time is now! Christ's command is clear! There is a world of lost people waiting on us to pray, to go, to send! Can you spare 4 to 6 minutes to pray for the nations?


As you look into this young girl's eyes, it is our hope that you will see the hunger that lies in her soul, a hunger that can only be satisfied by Jesus Christ.